Our Programme

Our Program


Mohimohi Room (0-24 months)

Our Mohimohi Room is for children aged 0 – 24 months. This newly refurbished room is looked after by 4 permanent early childhood education staff who adopt a primary carer approach to caring for their children. In this room, we focus first and foremost on nurture and respect where physical and emotional needs are tended. This then opens the mind and the spirit to experience the joy of learning. This is Mohimohi - to tend, nurse, care for, take care of.

In the early toddler years independence is gently encouraged, instilling self-help and self-directed learning which will stay with your child throughout their lives.

Routines in this room are tailored to each child’s temperament and care needs ensuring connections between childcare Centre and home are embraced.


Poutama Room (2-5 years)

Our Poutama Room welcomes children from approx. 2-5 years. Here, children are able to grow socially from the wonderful connections that can be made across the mixed age group. In addition to shared free play time, children can spend more years with the same teachers in a shared environment, developing secure attachments with their teachers.

In our mixed age environment, while children of all age groups play together, we also provide opportunities for learning activities in smaller groups. We have specialist teachers for each age group who provide regular age-appropriate learning experiences such as mat times and age focused literacy.

We have created a transition to school program, developed in partnership with our local primary schools to ensure our children in this age group are well prepared for the next stage in their journey. Our daycare Centre promotes ownership and respect of our natural environment with a focus on holistic learning at all age levels.

Through the use of gentle expectations and daily routines, the children love the sense of achievement and self-awareness that is promoted in this room.

Poutama is the stepped pattern woven in to tukutuku panels that symbolises the various levels of learning and intellectual achievement. Legend says they represent the steps which Tane-o-te-Wananga ascended to the topmost realm in his quest for knowledge.